ringtest for quality assurance in marine shellfish toxins

Shellfish toxins

Amnesic, lipophillic and paralytic shellfish toxins

Proficiency tests

Participation is open to all laboratories. The type of sample is tissue from shellfish, e.g. blue mussels, oysters, scallops, cockles and mussels.

Determinand Group Exercise Id.
ASP shellfish toxins BT7
Lipophilic shellfish toxins BT11
PSP shellfish toxins BT12
Tetrodotoxin DE16

General information

  • Shellfish test materials are collected from contaminated coastal sites like e.g. the North Sea, Mediterranean Sea and from Pacific Ocean.
  • Depending on the type of exercise, shellfish samples are prepared from e.g. mussel, oyster, scallop, clam, or cockle tissue.
  • Shellfish toxin samples are either natural contaminated or mixed with contaminated shellfish tissue where relevant.
  • Shellfish tissue samples contain ± 5 gram of homogenized tissue. Occasionally, extracts of shellfish tissue are distributed when relevant.
  • Shellfish tissue samples are autoclaved and are stable over a number of years when stored in the freezer.
  • Shellfish tissue samples are dispatched under cooled conditions.
  • Reports contain all data reported under strict confidentiality, including Z-score plots and method information of the methods used.

How to participate

Complete the application form.


Fees depend on your choice of programme and your preferred number of rounds per year.


Samples of previous proficiency tests are sold as reference materials. Available materials can be selected and ordered in our webshop.