Scientific Advisory Board QUASIMEME

The QUASIMEME Scientific Advisory Board gives advice on the implementation of the scientific programme to WEPAL-QUASIMEME and oversees the data assessments and reports on the results of the Laboratory Performance (LP) studies. The Scientific Advisory Board consist of experts in the field of QA and the assessment of LP studies. The members have experience in the design and operation of LP studies and/or environmental measurements in matrices related to the marine environment. Membership of the SAB is confirmed annually. The membership of the SAB will be sufficient in number and breadth of experience to adequately cover the areas included in the QUASIMEME LP studies. The SAB may recommend specialists to the chairman to be invited to contribute to specific QUASIMEME activities as required.

Terms of Reference of the QUASIMEME SAB were agreed at the newly formed SAB Board Meeting, 26-27 September 2013 and are confirmed annually. The SAB meets at least annually to advise and assist the QUASIMEME Project Office on:

  1. The design of the QUASIMEME LP studies and provision of test materials and protocols.
  2. The assessment of the LP studies and study reports.
  3. The preparation of documentation, both printed and electronic.
  4. Recommendations of changes in structure or content of the LP studies.
  5. A proposed work programme for future LP studies.
  6. The SAB will review and make recommendations to the QUASIMEME Project Office on the composition and breadth of expertise which is required to maintain the objective assessment of the programme and the results of the participants’ studies. Advise on matters relating to the Quality Assurance and Quality Control requirements for the national and international marine monitoring programmes and to provide links with these programmes.
  7. Provide information and advice on the list of determinands required for the national and international monitoring programmes, the matrices and the concentration ranges. Where lists of studies in the current LP studies are being revised, the Board shall indicate the relative priority of the studies to be undertaken.
  8. On the level of performance required for specific monitoring programmes in terms of precision and bias for each determinand-matrix combination.
  9. Review and revise the terms of reference of the Advisory Board, when necessary.
  10. Advise QUASIMEME on activities to meet future needs.

The QUASIMEME Scientific Advisory Board consists of representatives from organisations to which participants submit environmental monitoring data. The organisations represented are responsible for nominating their member of the QUASIMEME Scientific Advisory Board.

  • A representative from the Oslo Commission (OSPAR) related to the QA requirements of the Joint Assessment and Monitoring Programme (JAMP).
  • A representative from the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) related to the QA requirements of the Baltic Monitoring Programme (BMP) and the Coastal Monitoring Programme (CMP).
  • A representative from the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES).
  • Representatives from at least two national monitoring programmes.
  • The Project Advisor from QUASIMEME.
  • A representative from the European Environmental Agency (EEA).
  • A representative from the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP).

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Patrick Roose (chairman)
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Steven Crum BSc.
WEPAL-QUASIMEME, Wageningen University

Pamela Walsham Msc. (UK NMCAG)
Marine Scotland Science

Dr. Martin Mork Larsen (OSPAR, ICES)
Aarhus Universitet

Dr. Michiel Kotterman (ICES)
Wageningen Marine Research, Foundation Wageningen Research

Em. Prof. Dr. Jacob de Boer
Vrije Universiteit

Dr. Ike van der Veen
Vrije Universiteit

Vacancy (HELCOM)
Helsinki Commission

Em. Prof. Dr. Wim Cofino (Project Advisor)
WEPAL-QUASIMEME, Wageningen University

Mrs. Winnie van Vark
WEPAL-QUASIMEME, Wageningen University

Dr. Nicole Bandow (GER)

Dr. Koen Parmentier (ICES)
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Andrea Sneekes BSc.
Wageningen Marine Research, Foundation Wageningen Research

Dr. Andrew Turner

Vacancy (AMAP)
Institute of Marine Research