WEPAL Survey Highlights

Published on
May 28, 2024

In the latest WEPAL survey, a commendable 25.1% response rate was achieved, with 241 out of 960 questionnaires returned. Overall, we received an average rating of 9.1 (out of 10) and our Net Promoter Score was 63. Impressively, 70.5% of respondents expressed a high likelihood of recommending WEPAL to others.

Feedback from participants highlighted various areas for improvement, including the inclusion of more greenhouse vegetables for comparison and the need for larger soil sample quantities in proficiency testing. Concerns were also raised regarding pricing, reporting usability, and method availability.

Purchasers of reference materials emphasized the importance of a diverse stock of soils and systematically updated reference values. Some suggested a greater focus on geo-standard development alongside proficiency testing.

While 3.7% of respondents rated WEPAL neutrally, feedback from 1.3% of respondents raised specific issues of result submission reminders.

Further suggestions included requests for a yearly catalogue and discussions on proficiency test results. Additionally, concerns were raised regarding the availability of specific reference samples, such as Suriname soils.

WEPAL is committed to addressing these concerns and enhancing its services, including potential solutions for importing soils from outside the EU.

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