Round 2 special determinands WEPAL programmes ISE and IPE

Published on
March 15, 2022

Routine laboratory performance studies form the basis of external quality assurance for institutes that regularly make chemical measurements in the terrestrial, aquatic and marine environment. Sample types/matrices are chosen to be representative for the materials that laboratories normally analyse.

In the WEPAL programmes (IPE, ISE, SETOC and MARSEP), participants can analyse most determinands of their interest. Therefore, samples must be collected that contain all the determinands that our participants are interested in and that only when enough laboratories analyse a specific determinand will performance be calculated. However, it is difficult to collect natural samples contaminated with all determinands of interest and, as a result, performance cannot always be calculated due to lack of data. Therefore, in certain rounds, WEPAL selects test material for specific determinands and invites participants to submit results for these determinands.

In round 2 (period April-June 2022), WEPAL has selected test materials specific for the following determinands from the International Soil-analytical Exchange program - ISE and the International Plant-analytical Exchange program -IPE:

  • Active lime in soils - ISE programme
  • Isotopes in plants - IPE programme

Most participating laboratories have already received the samples for round 2. If you do not participate yet, but would like to, please fill in the participation form or contact us via e-mail. We look forward to the results of this second round in 2022.