New WEPAL-QUASIMEME manager and coordinator WEPAL

Published on
May 1, 2024

We would like to inform you that Winnie van Vark has retired on April 25th, 2024. For the last ten years she has been the manager for the WEPAL-QUASIMEME team and coordinator WEPAL for the proficiency tests on soil, freshwater sediment, plants, biomass and manure & compost. She thanks all participants for the great cooperation and she would like to introduce her new successors: Laura Buijse and Célia Bento.


Laura Buijse - manager WEPAL-QUASIMEME

Laura started her career at Wageningen University and Research in 2002 as Chemical analyst/Assistant researcher. In 2008 she became the laboratory manager of the GLP certified ecotoxicology laboratory of team “Environmental Risk Assessment”. In 2016 she also started working as a Project leader of “Laboratory performance studies for freshwater analysis”. The next step in her career started in 2022 when she took over management tasks and became the new manager of WEPAL-QUASIMEME.

Celia 2024.jpg

Célia Bento - coordinator WEPAL

Célia holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences, with special focus on environmental pollution and soil science. She has experience in (research) project management and coordination. Her current main expertise is on pesticides in terrestrial and aquatic environments. She has done work on pesticides behavior in soil and their transport risk assessments to off-target environments, and on the occurrence, potential sources, and ecological risk assessment of pesticides in coastal waters. She has worked for many years as a researcher in EU research projects, where she gained extensive experience with analytical laboratory work and fieldwork. She’s now very enthusiastic to learn all about WEPAL-QUASIMEME and all her duties here, and she’s very much looking forward to working with you all.